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New Geologic Map of Mars Is Beautifully Detailed

It took 16 years and data from four orbiting spacecraft to assemble, but the U.S. Geological Survey’s new map of Mars is awesome. In beautiful color and excellent detail, the map shows the geology of the Red Planet’s surface today, and reveals a new understanding of its past.”

See the high-res version at wired.




Meet Zed Merrick, a two-year-old whose second degree burns were healed with the Spray-On Skin treatment 

A toddler who suffered horrific burns has made a full recovery after undergoing pioneering new surgery - where doctors sprayed on a new layer of skin. Two-year-old Zed Merrick was left with second degree burns across this chest and shoulder after knocking a cup of tea off a kitchen worktop.

Doctors carried out a “revolutionary” new treatment where they made a solution from Zed’s own skin cells and sprayed it over his burns. And just four months after the life-changing treatment Zed’s burns have completely disappeared - leaving him scar free.

Spray-on skin is a patented skin culturing treatment for burns victims, developed by scientist Marie Stoner and plastic surgeon Dr Fiona Wood of Perth, Western Australia. Wood’s treatment is under ongoing development. Where previous techniques of skin culturing required 21 days to produce enough cells to cover major burns, Wood has reduced the period to five days. Through research, she found that scarring is greatly reduced if replacement skin could be provided within 10 days. Dr Wood’s reported goal is “scarless woundless healing”.

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Wow. This is incredible.


WHAT IF other planetary bodies orbited our world at the same distance as the moon?

whoa Jupiter kinda in my personal bubble thanks

Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.
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“Den” of leaves

Dendritic cells get their name from their surface projections, which somewhat resemble the dendrites of neurons, the branchlike extensions that increase the surface of a cell body and receive information from other neurons.

Dendritic cells are found in most tissues of the body, most abundantly in those that interface between internal and external environments, such as the skin, lungs and lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Here, they’re suitably placed to serve their primary function, which is to continuously sample their surroundings for antigens, such as dead cells or invasive microbes. They are a key player in the body’s immune response system.

Once exposed to an antigen, say a virus, the sheets of the dendritic cell entrap it so that it can be degraded by internal lysosomes into peptide fragments and then redisplayed to circulating T cells, which develop the appropriate immune response

The image above is an artistic rendering, based on ion abrasion scanning electron microscopy developed at the National Institutes of Health.


“No chemicals!” The label on a container reads. I open it and I am stunned. It is truly devoid of chemicals, they have finally done it, finally created a pure vacuum unmarred even when exposed to matter. Quantum physics must be rewritten. Scientists everywhere stand in awe at such a feat.


For medical reasons I’m stuck in the house for the next few months while I heal. What’s shakin bacon?

Flabellina polaris curved by Alexander Semenov on Flickr.


Splendid scarab

This showy beetle (30 mm) belongs to the subspecies Protaetia speciosa jousselini (Coleoptera - Scarabaeidae - Cetoniinae), distributed in southern eastern Anatolia, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq and Iran. 

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©Nikola Rahmé

Locality: Syria


Winter and Summer.

King Mountain. Alaska